Massage classes

We offer training sessions on how to massage your own dog to groups and one to one. These classes teach you how to treat injuries and, equally important, prevent any occuring in the future. Each is tailored to the needs of the client from massaging senior dogs to giving relaxing massages for nervous dogs and everything in between.You don’t need a vet referral form to massage your own dog.

These pictures are from a Foundation session we delivered on Introduction to Dog Massage : How to Massage Your Own Dog.

Julia palpating Alfred checking for any muscle issues but he was a perfectly balanced dog

Alfred having his initial palpation

Everytime we looked in at Milo he was fast asleep smiling

Milo enjoying his massage experience

Annaka was saying Oh yes Mum - that has hit the spot - just there please

Anneka saying “That’s the spot Mum”

Alfred flat out and grinning during compression practice

Alfred flat out and grinning during compression practice


Trixie half way through the session already dropping off to sleep with a 'happy massage' grin

The lovely Trixie who took to massage like a duck to water

Doug the Pug liked his massage sitting facing his Mum

Doug the Pug who preferred his massage sitting up

The handsome Milo standing up for a change to let Mum knead his back legs but was soon back asleep

Milo was saying “There Mum….just there”

Sarah was muscled up by Katrina - not sure the 'heel' is quite right

Our Sarah being ‘muscled up’


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