It’s not all about prevention

I have a client who comes every month.  Initially they came to me to help their dog relax and to get her used to being handled by someone other than the owner. It has taken some months but the dog is not so manic anymore whenever someone comes to the door.  Yes she still barks but she no longer goes into fight or attack mode. Instead she accepts petting and touch. Regular massage has not only helped her but helped the owner get some social life back.

Last time she came, the owner told me that she is now confident enough to take the dog to the groomers – first time in 5 years.  She feels the dog is sufficiently happy with being touched that she would not attack the groomer.  And I have just had an email from the owner  to say “You’re going to think this is wicked but now if Bindi doesn’t want to walk when she’s out I say we are going to see Dr Les, and you will never believe it she perks up and starts walking !”

Massage is not just about prevention but has a variety of benefits, some quite surprising.  I’m pleased that I’m always learning.

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