The Diva Feebee receiving massage for her arthritis and Reiki for relaxation

Feebee 2

Feebee enjoying a long walk the next day

Feebee owns Karen From Helping Paws whose aim is to rehome dogs, raise funds and heal. She always comes along for a massage when we meet up at local dog shows and events. Her big grin as she has her therapy always attracts lots of “Ooos and ahhhs” from people as they pass by the AchyPaw Gazebo. This time she had Reiki from Chris while I was working on her arthritis. Karen wrote “Feebee is far less stiff after her massage. Thoroughly recommended” and posted a further picture the next day with the caption “Feebee enjoyed an hour & a half walk today thanks to AchyPaw massage. Perfect for older dogs”. It was our pleasure Karen.

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