It makes it all worth while….

We presented at our biggest seminar to date yesterday with over 40 people so had bought a new projector and screen. I was a bit worried that the technology wouldn’t work but needn’t have. Everything went fine. The audience was exceptionally welcoming to us and engaged with our ‘shouty-outy-pointy’ muscle & joint game at the start and did some great anxiety moves in that game. Interestingly when I asked for examples of benefits of canine massage instead of the usual answers such as injuries or arthritis, people were already thinking holistically and suggested ‘bonding with your dog’ and ‘relaxation’ which are two things we strongly support.

Sam was half-way through his chew treat when the demonstration started but soon decided that an AchyPaw relaxation massage was far more preferable to finishing his chew and flopped his head down on cue.

We have already received some lovely feedback which makes the day all that more worthwhile including :

Thank you for agreeing to attend it was a brilliant demonstration .. loads of attendees said they enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to get home to try it on their dog”


I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and demonstration today. I have four dogs who have had a mini massage tonight while I did my best to remember some of the points you covered. They all loved it, went all gooey eyed and were queuing up for another go then they all crashed out and have been snoring since! Thanks again for today. I thought it was brilliant and your dogs are fab too!”

At least I now know that there are 4 more dogs in Sussex who are benefitting from a special mum massage. We adore gooey eyed dogs @ AchyPaw.

Thanks to Shirley of Flying Paws Dog Training for hosting us

Dog massage demonstration

Centre stage starring the AchyPaw Team

Dog massage demonstration

The start of the show


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