Animal Healing @ AchyPaw

We are always adding to the toolkit of services that we can offer to dogs and constantly attending courses and workshops. The other week Chris took part in a hands-free massage course and we have managed to adapt and incorporate many of the moves learned into our canine massage techniques. Dogs particularly love the long flowing moves made with the forearms which help to stretch out the fascia and underlying muscle. Our Sarah was diagnosed with lumbar muscle issues when she went for her acupuncture treatment. We showed the vet the hands-free move we have been using on her and he was most impressed asking us to teach him as it reached the affected parts perfectly.

Last weekend, Chris went on a Foundation to Animal Healing weekend with Elizabeth Whiter from the Healing Animals Organisation as he is also a Reiki practitioner.

The subject matter for the weekend was holistic health for animals.  He learned the importance, before commencing a session, of making sure a therapist took time to ensure they were in the right frame of mind and also had put adequate time aside to see the patient/client so as to not be rushed.

He learned how to perform both attendant (present with the client) and distant healing and how to “tune in” to the needs and presentation of animals. He also learned the importance of seeking permission from the animal before starting – something you don’t always see in the more traditional setting. Sometimes the animal will move away – it’s important that they have the space and the opportunity to do this to process the effects they may be experiencing. This is a principal we have always applied to all of our canine clients at AchyPaw, asking their permission first before we touch them to start a treatment session.

During the course of the weekend he had the opportunity to perform and receive healing (human) and also with a variety of animals, culminating with Liz’s three horses – 26 year old Betty, her son Dancer and her daughter Iris.

Throughout the weekend Liz stressed her maxim: “Freedom within the discipline”. This being the freedom to do whatever may be required, but within the confines of being disciplined and working within ones own skills and abilities.

Healing aligns very closely with the principles of Reiki and other energy focused disciplines and very effectively complements both other complementary modalities and more traditional veterinarian treatments. As with all complementary treatments, there is no intention to replace veterinarian advice, more to support and enhance the effects and to add to the toolkit of available therapies we can offer to benefit dogs at AchyPaw.


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