AchyPaw Dog MassageBailey is a very handsome 8 year old Springer owned by one of Chris’s massage clients. Last January his owners, Ed and Kirsty, took him to the vet as he had a lump on his head. Unfortunately it was diagnosed as advanced nasal / sinus neoplasia.

They were told he could live for another few weeks, months or even years but it is unknown. His main symptom now is being unable to breathe through his nose once or twice a day which results in a violent epistaxis (nose bleed). After he has these episodes he becomes quite disorientated and anxious – which is fully understandable. Also after a session his circulation is noticeably reduced as his tongue goes blue.

AchyPaw Dog MassageEd asked if massage could help in way, after he heard about how we have successfully taught owners of epileptic dogs how to perform a daily massage routine to assist relaxation.

I went round to meet the lovely Bailey to give him first massage and to teach Ed and Kirsty a regular 15 minute routine. The aim was to assist and promote his circulation and to help him relax. As some tumours may be contraindicatory to massage, I made doubly sure that their vet was fully informed of our intended treatment option. His reply was “Go for it…massage will not affect planned treatment”.

Bailey was a star….he was made for massage. He loved his massage. He adored his massage. He relished his massage. He sighed, he snorted, he stretched, he went googly eyed, And his owners were also excellent pupils taking in all the theory and practical moves during the session.

AchyPaw Dog Massage

I think this could be classed as a major success for Bailey and hopefully it will help him have a very happy, relaxed life.

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