Training for the Westie Rescue Scheme

Westie, Westie, Westie, Westie, Westie………and Teddy (plus Barney)

Yesterday I was invited to give my very popular Introduction to Canine Massage to some of the volunteers for the south east branch of the Westie Rescue Scheme.

A room full of white Westies did get rather confusing. Normally when I take a class I write a ‘who is sitting where with what dog’ list but yesterday’s list was “Andrea with a Westie, Jo with a Westie, Angie with a Westie………” so I had to resort to colour of their collars. Apologies to the Dads and Mums if I mixed up some of the names in the pictures.

It’s always rewarding teaching rescue volunteers, like we did at the RSPCA last year, as the aim can be twofold. Firstly to help any newly fostered dog to calm down which will hopefully make them easy to rehome in the future. Secondly to help any newly rehomed dog to bond with their new Mums and Dads.

A duo of Westies

Alison & Holly


Westies everywhere


Mika 1


Lots of Westies 1

Jo and Max


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