Canine Calm & Comfort @ Cup of Joe Cafe Brighton – session one

Canine Calm & Comfort AchyPaw Saltdean

Canine Calm & Comfort

Monday 24th October : Canine Calm & Comfort @ Cup of Joe Café St Georges Road Brighton we held the first of our monthly Canine Calm & Comfort sessions @ Cup of Joe Café Kemp Town from AchyPaw and Touch of Reiki Saltdean. The aim is to introduce owners and their dogs to a smorgasbord of holistic therapeutic techniques for their dogs. Some will be demonstrated, others will be guided practice. All will be fun.

We focussed on some simple but effective calming massage moves yesterday evening with Halloween and November 5th fireworks just around the corner – as ably demonstrated by Mr Sam and his Asda Thunder Shirt in the previous post. I introduced the new Zebra massage technique that I recently discovered and adapted to be appropriate for relaxation. The dogs that have experienced that particular technique in my daily work have l-o-v-e-d it. And young rescue dog Kosti was no exception. He came in boisterous and excitable but ended up chilled and relaxed.

Louise demonstrated canine self-selection of macerated oils which our Sarah adores to show people how good she is at it. Again, Kosti really enjoyed trying that out.

We’ve just received some feedback “It was lovely to meet you! Such sweet gentle energy you have. Many thanks to you and Les for a most fun and informative evening. Kosti is the most chilled out dog ever right now. He’s so happy and relaxed! I am definitely going to get into a daily massage routine with him….I look forward to spending time on the website learning more too”

Our menu for next month’s session on November 21st at 18:00 will be a dash of adding some more massage techniques to the routine plus a starter of demonstration from Lou of energy healing. Come and join us.

Canine Calm & Comfort AchyPaw

It should be Canine Calm & Comfort but my Lightbox only has 2 C’s

Canine Calm & Comfort AchyPaw

Konti processing the self selected oils

Canine Calm & Comfort AchyPaw

The kids taking over the venue

Canine Calm & Comfort AchyPaw

How am I meant to massage Mr Sam like that?

Canine Calm & Comfort AchyPaw

The handsome Konti waiting for the other side to be massaged


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