Foundation in Canine Massage workshops @ Paws, Play & Stay 2017

The redesigned Foundation in Canine Massage : “How to massage your own dog” workshop was delivered in January for the first time in 2017. There were 5 lovely dogs with 4 owners giving me one spare to demonstrate on.

Sharon and Steve brought along Stanley and Bertie. Stanley is a 3 year old agility loving dog who goes to hydrotherapy once a week to keep him supple and because he enjoys it. Older brother Bertie is a 5 year old short-legged Labrador who his Dad described as a bit grumpy but who also goes to hydrotherapy each week. If you notice from the pictures, Bertie looks anything but grumpy once his Mum and Dad had honed their massage skills.
Lindsay brought along Monty to work with and little Bruce to keep him company.

Monty is a 7 year old Inuit/Shepherd cross who regularly goes to Canicross. His Mum described him as a fun policeman in that if anyone seems to having fun or playing up, Monty will give a little bark to quieten them down. However, as his pictures show, by midway through the session he decided he would just settle for the fun part and forget the policing as he was too busy sleeping and enjoying the massage.

Little brother Bruce is a rescue dog who is apparently a bit of a Casanova. This was going to create some romance as little Lulu, brought along by Mum Ria, was a bit of a flirt. A Casanova and a flirt caused a few amorous issues. Lulu’s Mum, Ria, is a member of staff at Paws, Play & Stay and said that cute 4 year old Bichon Frise Lulu is the boss in Day Care although she does like relaxing and dislikes strenuous movements.

room-start room-waiting sharon-bertie ria-lulu-neck-massage bertie-compression happy-monty monty-too-tired monty-ear-massage steve-stanley monty-asleep lulu-shoulder-massage lulu-falling-asleep lulu-asleep bruce-getting-his-turn-with-monty-waiting bertie-massage

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