Combining complementary therapies – a success story

Louise from A Touch of Reiki attended our Level One and Two Relax HAOK9 Massage course with the Healing Animals Organisation. She has just put up a Facebook post which fully expresses how adding a variety complementary therapies to a single treatment session can be very powerful. In this instance, it actually saved a dog’s life.

“As a graduate with the Healing Animals Organisation I cannot express how truly grateful I am for introducing Canine Massage HAOK9 level 1 and 2 with Les, Chris, Sam and Sarah as they are fantastic teachers and have taught me many skills and developed my knowledge.

I have just returned from a second visit of a dog I am treating, a beautiful Labrador. Five weeks ago, her mobility was severely effected after been diagnosed at the age of five with arthritis and spondylitis the family thought it was time for her to pass over the rainbow as she was really struggling. With a huge heavy heart I was determined to give her a Massage and Reiki Energy Healing as I had planned to do. Four days after the Massage and Reiki Energy Healing I had a call to let me know PTS had been cancelled she had her mobility back, acting like a puppy was the words of the guardian!!! I cannot express how I felt!! Tears of joy, so much weight was lifted from my heart!! A BIG, HUGE THANK YOU!! Her Management plan in place now will be monitored with the condition she will have massage every 6-8 weeks, Distance and Hands on Reiki Energy Healing along with Natural Remedies, Nikken PetPad recently purchased thank you Caroline Rushforth and Hydrotherapy. I feel confident with everything I have learnt and practice on a daily basis at the Healing Animals Organisation has given this beautiful Labrador the quality of life back. Thank you for all the support, advice and guidance to my two and four legged teachers”

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