Foundation in Canine Massage @ Paws, Play & Stay May 2017

Another successful Foundation in Canine Massage workshop at Paws, Play & Stay.

Snoop is a 3 year old very active Lurcher/Deer hound who had heard all about massage from his older sister Tia who has been to AchyPaw twice. He will ‘run until he drops’ so massage will hopefully keep him going.

Lady is a 13 year old Whippet cross who needs a bit of help getting into the car but otherwise she is wonderfully fit and well balanced. She adored the whole day.

Kali is a 2 ‘and a bit’ Greek rescue who is also very fit and able living with Julie, her dog trainer & behaviourist Mum. She lives with a 12 year old Labrador and a Spaniel who is recovering from a cruciate injury. All the techniques learned today will benefit the whole family.

Vincent is a 6 year desperately handsome Schnauzer who has now had two knee operations after both knees suffered from luxating patella. He is now displaying signs of muscle loss in his hind legs so Mum came all the way from London to help this lovely boy on his road to recuperation.

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