Multi-modal and multi-faceted canine healing

Beautiful Hanna was a Cyprus Rescue Dog adopted by Louise of Touch of Reiki. Hanna came over to the UK a couple of days before Lou was due to take our Level 1 Canine Massage Diploma module with the Healing Animals Organisation.

Lou decided to bring her along to the course to help with their initial bonding. Quite understandably, Hanna had quite a few emotional and physical issues including a lot of scratching and nibbling at her own body. Plus she was quite anxious when other dogs or people moved in too close to her.

When Lou was working with other dogs in the class, Hanna sat quietly with my Chris who added some extra relaxing massage and energy therapy. At the end of the module, by the time of the exam, Hanna’s personality had changed immensely for the better. Lots of tears.

Fast forward a few months. Lou had been working with Hanna in a truly multi modal and multi-faceted way giving her Reiki healing, physical therapy from massage, plus self-selection of natural food remedies and oils. Goodness, what a transformation. No scratching, calmer, glossy fur and even allowing different people to work with her. When Lou came to the Level 2 Diploma module, everyone thought she’d brought along a new dog. Which was sort of right I guess!

Now for the Proud Uncle Les moment. Lou and I were invited along to be the expert speakers on Canine Massage to a group of Mums and Dads with their dogs for The Dogs Club. And who was the star demo dog? Hanna. She proudly sat up on the stage in front of lots of dogs and allowed Lou to show them some techniques while I explained what she was doing and why. Hanna even flopped her head down to go to sleep when we did the Extra Relaxing Move. Our Sarah couldn’t have done it better herself and she’s had 5 years practice of being a massage ham.

Oh so proud to be a part of this lovely dog’s healing process. It goes to show that physical therapy is not just for arthritis. It can affect and benefit the whole dog. Add in some energy healing and you’ve a Holistic Healing routine.

Well done Hanna.

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