Two IAAT CPD accredited & promoted workshops for 2018 “Supporting your dog to reach their full potential through every stage of their life”

Cathie Forbes (Southdowns Canine Massage) and Dr Les Ellam (AchyPaw Canine Physical Therapy) have combined their knowledge to design a series of workshops which have been accredited and promoted by the IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapists). We are both qualified professionals in canine massage with several years’ experience in therapy and training.

The series of one day workshops is called “Supporting your dog to reach their full potential through every stage of their life” and the first two in the series are now available for booking with more available next year.

These first two workshops are interactive, informative, fun and practical. You will learn a full age-appropriate massage routine, exercises and passive movements. We will also be discussing a variety of therapies and conditions experienced by dogs. You can choose to attend just one of these workshops or both. Discussion, massage and exercise techniques will vary for the different age ranges covered in the sessions.

The first session looks at Senior Years. It will cover basic anatomy; possible health and mobility changes as they advance into their senior years; some conditions they may be affected by, such as arthritis, and how these can be managed; video observation and discussion; massage overview and how this form of physical therapy may be used to help the senior dog; a massage routine that is appropriate for daily use and some gentle stretches and exercises to keep our golden oldies in top condition. The date is Saturday 27th October and booking is available from the IAAT CPD site here

The second session looks the Earlier Years. Just because a dog is not showing signs of slowing down or discomfort, doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from a daily conditioning massage and exercise routine. This workshop will cover puppy exercise and development; the importance of getting it right from the beginning; repetitive soft tissue injuries/strains and how to avoid them; video observation and discussion; benefits of massage; dynamic warm-up exercises and warm-up massage; adapted movement patterns and making simple changes that can make all the difference to your dog when they advance to their senior years. The date is Saturday 24th November and booking is available from the IAAT CPD site here

The venue is the historic Blatchington Windmill Hall, Hove, BN3 7LH. As it is difficult to learn canine massage without a dog, this is a dog friendly venue. We encourage you to bring your dog to work with during the day.

These sessions are IAAT accredited and a CPD certificate will be offered. We would like to invite everyone – vets, vet nurses, reception staff, dog walkers, dog behaviourists, groomers, owners, in fact anyone who has an interest in the health of dogs.

We look forward to meeting you and your dogs.

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