First Massage Session in the words of a dog (well…..)

Last weekend we had another Double Therapist Saturday with Alfie & Flint. Alfie is a Collie who loves his agility and older brother Flint is a Springer who is a typical bouncy spaniel. Recently Alfie displayed lameness from his rear left leg.

Alfie can be a wee bit anxious but throughout the 90 minute session he demonstrated a classic “I’m going into the massage zone” routine that we have come to experience so often.

It went like this (using Alfie’s voice…well…..I think that’s what he would have said) :

1. “Hmm…I don’t know who you two are so I’ll just stay a little away”
2. “OK…you haven’t gone away and are just sitting on the floor so I won’t look at you but maybe I’ll sit in your lap Chris”
3. “Oh…you’re working on my back….oooooo that is nice. I’ll just stay here for a while”
4. “And now you’re on my shoulder….goodness I’ll stay a little longer”
5. “I’ll walk away now”
6. “Nope….I’m coming back with my toy fluffy sheep for you”
6a. “And my toy fluffy dog”
6b. “And maybe this toy too”
7. “Hmm…you’re working on my brother so I’ll go to the other therapist…he looks lonely”
8. “But I’ll just lie here against the sofa while he works on me”
…….much later….
9. “Excuse me….did I say you could stop touching me Dr Les? I’ll just give you a guiding paw on your arm back to where it belongs on ME”
10. “Hey…you can’t go….I’m staying here on your mat. You won’t be able to leave now”
…later still…….
11. “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

Responses like that just make what we do the best in the world. Thank you Alfie and Flint for sharing your Saturday with us (before and after pictures below)

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