What do the dogs do when we leave?

Rather than asking the carers to bring their dogs to us, we typically do home visits. There are a number of reasons for this including the dog feeling more relaxed and comfortable in their own home and for us to have a look at their environment to see, and suggest, if any simple adaptations could make their mobile life easier.

But what happens when we leave?

Do the dogs feel uber flexy and go round frantically hopping on and off furniture?

Do they rush around the garden weeing and getting rid of all those waste products we helped shift during the lymphatic drainage part of the therapy?

Do they wait at the front door for us to come back again and continue working with them?

Or do they just flop down and go to sleep?

I think the majority seem to do the latter. We frequently get snoozey, dozey, dopey and eyes closed photos sent to us afterwards. We don’t take that as an insult in a “they’ve gone now, we can go to sleep” way, but more in a “I can barely keep my eyes open after that massage” way.

Proof needed? Here are Flint & Alfie after their second session with us. We had similar pictures after their first visit so it must be real.

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