Canine Massage Therapy Benefit No.123456

For our latest Double Therapist Day, we worked with senior girls Lyla and Midge. Midge chose Chris while Lyla chose me.

Lovely Lyla is a 12 year old Doberman who has a history of stiffness in her forelimbs. Radiographs taken last year showed arthritic changes in both carpi and digits. She is a happy potterer when out walking and her Mum wanted to start maintenance massage to support her through the next stages of her life.

Lyla got over her shyness and realised the benefits by settling down for a full hour.
The next day her Mum wrote “..OMG!!!! Wow what a difference in the girls, ….. Lyla was walking with a spring in her step not as stiff at all, managed to chase this dog she fancy’s….Magic hands uncles a big THANKU XX”

Hmm…chasing a dog she fancies. Now THAT is a new benefit for canine physical therapy.

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