It’s not “Just Massage”

The best Before & After ever

Last week 14 year old Harry had a bit of a turn with a seizure or possible stroke. It left him all scrunched up. When his Mum Sarah from Hounds on the Downs sent me the Before picture everything about his posture suggested he needed some gentle stretching to ease his back and regain his confidence. I sent her some of our leg, back and neck stretches to try.

The After picture is after they have done some of these gentle exercises – nothing intrusive just asking him to lean forward with a treat inducer. In this way, he is stretching himself, all Sarah had to do was to hold the treat in front of his nose making sure he his alignment was longways which will, in turn, make his weight equally balanced right and left, his back is straight, and his eyes are looking forward to ensure proper cervical alignment.
Harry’s favourite vet nurse, Jay from Coastway, has also been involved with his recuperation, showing Sarah where she needs to concentrate on Harry.

There is still a way to go but Sarah said he is looking less wobbly and moving much more comfortably.

Cooperation and Teamwork (Harry, Mum, vet nurse Jay and us)
+ Education and Knowledge (Not just knowing but doing)
+ Perseverance (Not giving up)
+ Awareness (Knowing what signs to look for before issues become chronic)

= Great Big Result


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