Calming Massage for Rescue Dogs @ RSPCA Brighton 2019




















On Monday we were over at the RSPCA Brighton delivering a workshop to staff and volunteers. It was our third voluntary session and focussed on demonstrating and guiding the participants through a Calming Massage routine for rescue dogs.

The plan was that the volunteers and staff will then be able to help any rescue dog to relax and calm – which has to be a good thing for the dog and their new adopters.

As well as our faithful demo dogs Sam & Sarah we had other dogs from the centre (including one stuffed dog that Ann worked with!).
Raffiki was an ‘old hand’ and had been to one of our sessions before. But Misty and Millie were almost brand new to the Centre. Plus, they were puppies. And double plus, they are a Spaniel and a Cocker. If a calming massage was needed for anyone, it would be those two.

And it worked. Misty was fast asleep by the end of the session, and even allowed several people to practice their new skills. Not bad for a new rescue puppy who was understandably excited at the start.

This again shows how a dog doesn’t have to be injured or in physical discomfort to benefit hugely from canine massage therapy.
It’s encouraging when a plan works.

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