The Power of Touch even works by proxy

I had an emergency call-out for Lord Nelson. His Dad wrote that he was limping on the front left leg having probably over-done his exuberance on the beach over the weekend.

He and his Spaniel brother, Mr Darcy are part of our Double Therapist maintenance programme. As active boys this helps them with their mobility as well as hydrotherapy, osteopathy and supplements which all contribute to their multi-faceted therapy regime.

This ‘emergency’ session, though, would be the first time in ages that his brother hasn’t had his massage at the same time. His Dad thought that Darcy might be a bit pushy-iny during the session, but we needn’t have worried. Mr Darcy simply sat on one side of the massage bed while Nelson sat on the other.

Both then fell asleep on either side of the massage mat – for an hour. They even mirrored each other – when one rolled over so did the other.

Mr Darcy had his relaxation therapy without even being touched – well…..he did get the occasional touch or two from me until Nelson noticed and pulled my hand back to him.


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