Mixing and matching therapies

A successful competing athlete will almost certainly have a team of therapists behind them – physio, massage, laser etc – and probably will train in a variety of ways. This will ensure their whole body is fit and primed and not just the part they use in their sport. Likewise, canine athletes can benefit from this multimodal approach.

Eili Dettmering is a vet who also practices acupuncture and laser. She visits our Sarah each month for an aculaser session which has become a very important part of her own multimodal treatment regime. Eili has two handsome dogs who regularly receive laser and acupuncture therapy from her. For the past year they have been visiting us to receive a different and complementary therapy – manual therapy.

Are they being ‘therapied-out’? Of course not. Each therapy works on a different element of the body – energy flow, muscle, joints and even emotions. Mixing and matching these will ensure their bodies are kept in peak condition for their sport which involves weaving, running, jumping, twisting and turning. Add to this mix a sensible balanced diet and supplements and you’ve got a perfect combination.

Benny has been doing a lot of weaving lately in his sport. This has translated to extra tightness in his mid to upper back. Manual therapy can and did, help sort that tension (see the videos of the post-massage zoomies later).

But your dog doesn’t have to be an athlete to benefit from combining treatments. Our Sarah is on conventional medication but also has massage, hydrotherapy, Reiki from her Dad and aculaser to help with her arthritis and mobility. Each works together to maintain her quality of life and her own special character.


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