Runners and carpets and mats

Jessica Jayne is an 8 year old Collie / German Shepherd cross. When she was 3 she had an X-Ray on her shoulders to detect why she was showing sign of lameness but no issues were found.

She still has intermittent lameness on her shoulders which comes and goes. Her Mum and Dad thought that professional help might be advisable now before this becomes a continual problem or before she starts to compensate her gait.

While I was working with her, I was looking round the house seeing simple household adaptations that could be made to maintain the good work from manual therapy. The floors were laminate – except for one runner “which she lies on a lot – she likes that”. Just explaining why, made it all clear to her Mum and Dad who were going out that afternoon to get more.

The water and food bowl were on the floor – “She seems to eat and drink very quickly and the bowls skid all over the floor”. If she has issues with her shoulders now, bending down to the floor to eat and drink is not going to be fun.

Try it – get on all 4s on a laminate floor. Put socks on your hands and knees. Place your favourite chocolate in front on you. Without using your hands, try to get that chocolate. Yes, you’ll be skidding all over too. Another simple and cheap rug or mat in front of the bowls will solve all that. Feeding time will become fun again and won’t have to be rushed.

Jess was very receptive to manual therapy and her Mum and Dad thought that they’d easily be able to find 15 minutes each day where they can go through a routine with intention. NOT petting. NOT fussing. But sitting with her thinking about the muscles that are under their hands and why they’d benefit from some work.

With the massage routine, simple but effective exercises, warming-up, cooling-down and cheap household adaptations, Jess should able to enjoy her walks over Stanmer Park for a long time.

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