Prevention rather than cure – or – Make hindsight your foresight

When we treat, we also teach, educate and empower. Sharing the skills of how to help a dog with their Mum or Dad is an integral part of each and every visit. How to start with massage and exercise and then things to add as mobility improves or changes.
Massaging your dog is not only beneficial and makes them feel good but if you have another dog in the family who is sitting there watching, you can work with them too. You don’t need to wait for an issue to happen.

Recently I went to treat little Maisy. There are two other rescue dogs in the family. Maisy’s Mum wrote “I’m also practicing a little massage with our other two, Binky and Milly as they get jealous when Maisy’s sessions start! It’s great to have that skill now to share with our other two pooches.”

Our Mr Sam might not need as much help as his sister, but each has their own therapy session. There are many more examples I can think of where the sibling has benefitted from the newly acquired therapy skills of their Mum or Dad. Luther and Hugo, for example. Luther was the dog who needed help. Typically, while working on him, his Dads were working on Hugo.

After I visited Sophie, her Mum wrote back “Molly’s on the same regime – prevention rather than cure is my new motto !!!”

And after a session with Jack, his Mum wrote “I was massaging Jack under Pixie’s watchful gaze, and he did his get up and wander off routine. The very instant he moved off she flopped at my feet waiting for her massage too. She was pretty comatose by the time Jack decided he’d let me do a bit more!”

Archie’s Mum had a training session with me. But in pictures you can see sister Molly peering over his shoulder. Their Mum wrote “Thanks so much for this and of course for your time yesterday I feel sure that both Archie and Molly will benefit hugely from the techniques you have shown me.”

Bailey and Ruby were another couple who posed together after the Bailey’s treatment session. Whoopi might still be a puppy, but her Mum Sarah does the same exercises with her that she does with her senior brother Harry and now has added knowledge of things to look out for.

And it’s not just the manual therapy. Included in each and every therapy visit that we make is advice and assistance. Ways you can make your home more dog friendly, simple adaptations such as rugs not slippy floors, steps and slopes. Seeing things through a professional experienced eye can benefit. These changes are going to help ALL the dogs in the house – helping to prevent any injuries occurring in the first place. That’s means we can use hindsight as foresight for other dogs in the family.

If you want us to come and show you how you can help all the dogs in your family through manual therapy, exercise advice or household adaptation, please give me a call. If there is more than one carer, we’ll teach you all. We are always affordable and accessible.


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