It helps when the whole family is involved

Ted is very well named as he is like a big cuddly bear. He is an almost 8 year old Akita Collie cross who was diagnosed with bilateral cruciate issues which his Mum hopes to treat conservatively.

Their first method of treatment was weight loss. I know that doesn’t sound like ‘treatment’ but for any weight-bearing issues, getting some of the extra kilos off will be most beneficial. His weight had crept up to 35 kg with the reduced exercise but now is going down into the upper twenties. He still has some way to go, but gradual is better than nothing.

He has some muscle wastage on his hips, understandably, as he protects his knees when walking. An aim with the physical therapy routines for Ted was to build those muscles up again while maintaining the tone in the front leg muscles which are taking some of the extra strain currently.

The whole family was involved in the session. Each took their turn at feeling how his muscles were before therapy so they have a base-line and then again at the end plus each went through some of the massage routines they were shown. A real family involvement.

This means that everyone will be able to help Ted start his rehabilitation and maintain it.

They also took onboard the household adaptations suggested. Things like raising the food and water bowl so he doesn’t have to place undue pressure on his knees. They all went round the house bringing back objects saying “Is this tall enough? Or what about this?” Who knew that one house could contain so many simple bowl raisers?

They also all got involved with the simple strengthening exercises he was given – which Ted thought wonderful. He was in his element with so many people caring for him and helping him.

With such a good family support system around him, Ted is now in many good hands for his conservative treatment plan.


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