When two become one

Whoopi Rose Monkey may only be 1 year old, but she’s a veteran at massage already. Not so much with her, but by watching her brother Harry receive his regular sessions from Chris. During each session, she’ll be receiving the Reiki that is passed her way as well.

When she first attended the sessions, she had to separated in an adjoining room as she just thought “Hmm…humans on the floor….must climb on them”. But as she became used to Chris sitting on the floor with her handsome brother, she would join in, but slightly less enthusiastically.

Now she has her own reason for physical therapy having developed a limp from her front end. She was very tolerant and accepting – she is still a wriggly pup remember. Chris was soon able to find the reason for the limping which was a very tight right shoulder and compensating left hip. She allowed all the techniques and clearly enjoyed the therapeutic touch. She wound down remarkably and was quite calm at the end (see picture).

Brother Harry did not get missed out of course. In between Whoopi Wiggles, he came up for his own therapy. He always greets Chris like an old friend, coming up with his tail wagging.

Another example of how the dog who is not being treated can benefit as well. When it becomes their turn, they know what to expect.

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