Sherlock 3.0 – following a dog through the stages of their life

Sherlock the Labrador is like one of your best friends who you only see once a year but carry on as though no time has passed.

We had Sherlock 1.0 who was only a puppy then. His Mum and Grandmum travelled all the way from South London to learn a bonding massage routine with him.

Then the next year we had Sherlock 2.0 who came to us to check out his growth and muscle development but also to teach his Mum some specific calming and relaxation massage.

And this year we have Sherlock 3.0 who has unfortunately been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. His vet doesn’t think it warrants any surgical intervention at the moment but certainly adding some physical therapy will help.

Sherlock is still a puppy and takes every opportunity that he thinks you’re off guard to sneak in a nose boop. He could look like he is fast asleep and then, ha…got you Uncle Les and Chris.

His Mum is keeping him in amazing shape weight-wise. A Lean Lab. But he needs maintenance and management for his condition to help his rear leg muscles take up the extra support his hips will need. Already he is showing some signs of stiffness but all things that his very caring Mum can work with every day. She just needed some direction on how to help Sherlock 3.0.

One thing we did learn about him is that he LOVES jaw massage. Eyes closed, silly grin, head leaning into the massage. A definite Go To spot for him.

We went through some hip muscle building exercises as well to add to his daily routine. Sherlock and his Mum can spend a few minutes Them Time to help keep his thighs in top condition for the next stage of his adventure.


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