Adopt, don’t shop

Dogs everywhere…and it was heaven!

I went back for some volunteering with Arundawn Dog Rescue and this time I took an extra pair of hands – Chris’s hands. The dogs loved him – he had a very patient line of them at one point, queuing up and waiting for their turn. Typically working two hands at once.

Among the residents and visitors, we had Cassie (with her arthritic shoulder), Ellie (with lung cancer), Crinkly (the resident host dog), Rufus (the resident “Hey-I-Love-You” dog), Titch (with a fused rear spine), Roxy (with skin issues), Rex (a recent rescued 15 year old with rear end issues) and Sadie (the resident “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here” dog).

We worked with whoever was nearest at the time – sometimes they were resting on each other so one hand could slide over them both, sometimes they were within reach of both therapists so received a double helping.

By the end, they were all asleep, rested and snoring and we both had wide silly grins.

Best day.


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