Multimodal workshops

We gave the first delivery of a new AchyPaw workshop given in collaboration with Karen Lippett of Help4Paws.

The attendees had spent the morning learning about animal communication with Karen – a Reiki practitioner and animal communicator for animals & humans – and were already in the energy zone. They then spent time with me learning some practical hands on skills so they can massage their own dogs at home.

We had Pheebee and Sugar as willing demo dogs – as they are already seen by me monthly – plus little Marley who was a first timer. Pheebee and Sugar were ready for their intentional touch immediately while little Marley took a bit longer. But even he settled into his Mum’s touch – see the picture of a smiling Mum and a content little dog.

By the end of the session, Pheebee and Sugar were totally oblivious of the intense storm raging outside. They were ready for their long 40 winks.

A successful introduction to energy and manual therapies all around.

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