New Best Friend

Sometimes, you meet a dog for the first time and they immediately decide that you are to be their Best Friend Forever – and it is reciprocated.

Meet 3 year old Golden Retriever Archie. A big goofy soppy cuddly fluff ball. We worked in the garden and he simply sat on me – for 45 minutes. My legs had totally gone to sleep by the end but Archie was not going to miss one millisecond of his therapy.

He had been displaying stiffness in his back. He greeted me through the front gate with the biggest smile “Oh hi…you’re Dr Les. I love you already” before sitting on me as I made myself comfy on the lawn.

As soon as I touched his lower back, he just threw his head up with a huge grin – that was the spot. Heat came from the area, his eyes rolled in bliss and his smile reached his ears.

The tension had worked itself up his spine into his neck. He adored all the attention and help.

After a while he turned over and gave an enormous stretch on his back – a stretch that went all the way from his neck to his tail. No tension there now. I said to his Mum to look at the stretch, when he huge looked up at me and stretched his front legs even further – just to show us both that he could. So many times, when talking about a dog with their Mum or Dad during a session, the dog seems to listen and display what we are talking about. In Archie’s case, it meant a l-o-n-g dog.

He even managed to have a darn good scratch at the end, which he hadn’t been able to do.

When he walked off he had his Retriever mince back, his fur was positively flowing around his like a prize Afghan Hound and he was soooo happy.

An amazing boy and my latest BFF.

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