Canine Osteopathy

Our Sam and Sarah have been prime examples of the benefits of the multi-modal approach to treatment plans since they were first diagnosed with arthritis. They were the reason I started AchyPaw and then Chris qualified too. I’ve always referred to this as a jigsaw with bits being added to strengthen the whole picture. But this is a jigsaw with many interlocking pieces which can change.

As well as conventional medication and massage from us, Sarah has acupuncture from Eili (which works on energy levels as well as pain relief), hydrotherapy with Abi (for cardiovascular work and joint mobilisation) and osteopathy with Mandy Fischer, Canine Osteopath at Cliffe Osteopaths Lewes. Osteopathy in dogs and people, can be effective in the treatment of a range of musculoskeletal conditions. With our Sarah it is a vital piece of her therapeutic jigsaw. She comes out from the session smoother.

Recently, Mr Sam has started to show signs of arthritic flare-ups in his left shoulder and also his hips. So far, he has just been on medication and massage. But now we have started to add him to Sarah’s existing regime.

He’s always adored his massage sessions – naturally. Now he has found that Aculaser time is falling asleep time.

When Mandy re-opened her services for dogs, we managed to swap one of Sarah’s sessions for Sam as soon as we obtained vet approval. His first session made noticeable differences to his gait almost immediately. On his second session, he already behaved like an ace. Just lay there with a daft grin letting Mandy ease out his mobility issues. On the way back, we stopped off for their lunchtime walk and he had his swagger back. He even attempted a run.

Such a joy to see how all these treatments work together to help and benefit the whole body.

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