Being Prepared

Milly is a 7 year old Maltipoo (with a bit of Bichon Frise) who is due to have a cruciate operation on her right knee in the summer.   She currently has Grade II medial patella luxation in her right hind and Grade I to II medial patella luxation in her left hind legs. 

Her Mum wanted to book a session to learn how Milly could be helped now – to get her in top condition prior to surgery – and then to carry on the therapy for her post-operation rehabilitation.  What a considerate Mum!

Milly was initially a little uncomfortable with any touch near her rear end, understandably as she had been holding that area tight and scrunched.

But touching her anywhere else generated a smile, soft eyes and resting ears – she loved all of that and we knew we were onto a winner with on-going therapy for Milly.

We went through an appropriate set of massage techniques and leg strengthening exercises that would suit Milly now to make sure all her muscles are healthy and toned, but could be adapted later for rehabilitation.

By the end of the session, Milly was lying down on the mat allowing us both to work with her anywhere on her body – she’d started to understand the difference between therapeutic touch and petting.

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