About us, our classes and workshops

Dog massageDr Les Ellam (BSc, PhD)

  • Accredited canine myotherapist
  • Member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT)
  • Body Massage IHBC IPTI
  • Sports Massage IIST
  • Reiki and Animal Healing

AchyPaw is my own business and not part of a franchise or larger organisation so I can offer an affordable and personal service to suit you and your dog.

Owned by two very active Collie/Spaniel crosses both of whom appreciate a massage and workout before and after exercise. In fact it was one of them who started me on this career and convinced me of the value and benefits of canine massage. Our dogs now have a regular holistic massage session every day to keep them in top condition as they approach seniority.

We always look at addressing the whole dog and recognising how they present – energy levels, pain, stress, mobility. By integrating many different modalities such as massage therapy, stretching, myotherapy, myofascial relief, trigger point, education and exercise we aim to bring about multi-modal maximum benefit in an affordable treatment session. See my article (here) about how I believe all massage & muscle therapy is interconnected and inter-related .

My treatment room is based in Saltdean near Brighton. There is plenty of space for you to sit while I am working with your dog. Home visits can be arranged if appropriate and we cover East and West Sussex. You will always be involved in the treatment with your dog which will help to ease any anxiety they may have and also you can observe the session, ask any questions and be an active participant. After the session, I will prepare a tailored and personalised treatment plan so that you can continue the good work between treatment sessions to give maximum benefit to your dog and to help prevent the injuries from recurring.

AchyPaw DogMassage Classes : We aim to empower owners to be able to perform beneficial massage routines at home.  If you would like to learn some massage techniques, I can arrange Foundation to Dog Massage workshops which teach you how to massage your own dog (you do not need a vet referral form to massage your own dog). These are offered on a one to one or group basis as appropriate. We have delivered a number of CPD sessions at local veterinary practices and at the Brighton RSPCA. Please ask for details as all these sessions can be tailored to your requirements. If you are hosting a local dog show or agility class and would like us to come along to give a demonstration of dog massage or pre- and post-exercise routines, we can cover that as well.

Clips of some of the workshops and courses we have given can be viewed on our AchyPaw YouTube playlist here

AchyPaw courses

Graduates of the Healing Animals Organisation undertaking the Relax HAOK9 Massage course.

Feedback after a training session : “Les is amazing – his knowledge, massage techniques and advice have helped my 9 yo giant dog so much in just two sessions with him. Thanks to Les, I now know how to maintain his health and mobility by massaging him at home, he used to be stiff, slow and “solid”, however after meeting Les I now have a happy, much more agile old dog whose moving is so much more effortless compared to how it used to be! I am 100% sure that Les and his advice will make my dogs senior days so much more comfortable. Thank you so much Les and looking forward to seeing you again – Onni moves so beautifully again, gets up from the sofa without any slowness and in general looks so great.”

AchyPaw classes

Guide Dogs after a special massage training class for Guide Dogs and their owners

Our one to one classes aim to teach you individual techniques that specifically benefit your own dog. This can help with a nervous dog, a rescue dog or even a puppy as massaging your dog can build and strengthen the bond between you both. Read about one such session here

Ziggy and Adam

A very happy dog after being massaged by his owner

AchyPaw massage classes

Millie helping her Dad with the bones and joints game

Dr Les Ellam (BSc, PhD, DipCM, MIAAT)
Phone : 07544 844120
Email : achypaw@gmail.com or click here

“A fabulous day with a fabulous teacher, seeing your own dog settle under your hands with real massage techniques should be experienced by every owner. Can’t recommend Les highly enough”

“Affordable massage for all dogs”

(AchyPaw South Coast Dog Massage Service – Multimodal therapy for dogs)



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