About us

Dr Les AchyPawDr Les Ellam (BSc, PhD, Dip CM)

  • Accredited Canine Massage Therapist
  • Body Massage IHBC IPTI
  • Sports Massage IIST

AchyPaw is my own business and not part of a franchise or larger organisation. We offer an affordable and personal service to suit you and your dog.

We always look at addressing the whole dog and recognising how they present – energy levels, pain, stress, mobility. By integrating many different modalities such as massage therapy, stretching, myotherapy, myofascial relief, trigger point, and exercise we aim to offer you training that can use apply regularly with your dog to maintain their mobility.

Our treatment room is based in Saltdean near Brighton where there is plenty of space for you to sit while we work with your dog.  You will always be involved in the treatment with your dog which will help to ease any anxiety they may have, allowing you to observe the session, ask any questions and be an active participant. After the session, we will prepare a tailored and personalised treatment plan so that you can continue the good work between treatments to give maximum benefit to your dog and to help prevent the injuries from recurring.

Clips of some of the workshops and courses we have given can be viewed on our AchyPaw YouTube playlist here

Phone : 07544 844120
Email : achypaw@gmail.com or click here

“A fabulous day with a fabulous teacher, seeing your own dog settle under your hands with real massage techniques should be experienced by every owner. Can’t recommend Les highly enough”

(AchyPaw Canine Physical Therapy : “Helping you to help your dog”)


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