Feedback & Testimonials

“Dear Les.  Many many thanks for seeing me and my dog.  I really do think you are an excellent teacher.  I think it is a great gift to give the owners a way of helping their dogs in such an empowering and active way.  We have already bought a massage mat which we shall use just for that so she knows what is happening.  I am pleased to have met you and feel we will both benefit from not feeling like victims to her condition”

“Many thanks for your brilliant session this morning. It was really inspiring and I think it’s fair to say my dog enjoyed it very much! I think it’s going to bring us even closer together, something I didn’t think was possible! He seemed so much brighter after the massage, it was really gratifying to see. I fully intend to recommend you to anyone who’ll listen. Many thanks for the workbook”

“I just want to do a quick plug for someone I met today. I so so wish I knew about this treatment years ago. My dear dog was hit by a car at 10 months old (horrible day).  He is 7 years old now – and though the X-rays came up as fine, he has been limping on and off every since. Clearly it must be uncomfortable. I now have found out I could have been learning how to do dog massage (or getting massage done for him) by Dr. Les!  He came and met us this morning – such a lovely guy. He has taught me what I need to do – and now (after his guidance) I can clearly feel where his muscles are struggling because of the injury. And in other places from compensation. I am going to be giving him daily massages (just 15 minutes) and I am really looking forward to him being more comfortable.  Dr. Les has done wonders for a friend’s dogs so i have good reasons to have high hopes. so – if the usual vets have no answers for you, please think about dog massage/ myofacial help.  I want to add that Les sent me the most amazing run down of what I learnt explaining everything really well to help my terrible memory not to miss anything out! Super happy with this as it is really clear what to do now.”

“I was a little bereft when I first went to see Les because my boy was now 11 almost and had slowed to a walk most of the time and I knew he was clearly in some discomfort. But having spent a lovely hour with Les and his magic hands and wonderfully calm demeanour my boy is once again trotting along nicely just like he used and I’m sure feeling much more like his old self. Can’t speak highly enough of Les. Amazing”. 

“Les is ACE!  My dog is totally transformed.  Until you see the new physical movement and how it has given him a much happier life, you wouldn’t have realised the chronic pain he put up with for thre first 8 years 24/7”

“Working with dogs myself I’ve heard such positive things about Les and AchyPaw so when my old English sheepdog became poorly with arthritis I gave him a call. He visited today and I can’t praise him enough. My dog was so relaxed with him and by the time Les had finished his posture had changed and he was so much more comfortable and relaxed. Les’s expertise and love for his job just shines through. Thank you so much.”

“Well what can I say….. Absolutely amazing to watch Les work on my achey whippet! It’s safe to say she gives achy paws a 10/10…… Snoring, sighing, yawning and farting within 15minutes of her treatment, she gave up a little bit of resistance to relax at first but soon realised Les was her friend and before our eyes flopped herself down and closed her eyes with big deep breaths of enjoyment! We will be recommending achy paws to all my friends and family”

“My dog has just had her physio with her boyfriend Dr Les. Oh how she loves him and the massage he gives her. She is now using both back legs again instead of hooking the left one onto the right and hopping. Can’t thank you enough Les”

“A fabulous day with a fabulous teacher, seeing your own dog settle under your hands with real massage techniques should be experienced by every owner. Can’t recommend Les highly enough”

“I can thoroughly recommend Les I learnt loads and didn’t even think Les would be able to touch my reactive girl….but she did let him and just adored the techniques.”

From one of the RSPCA staff after our third training session “Wendy says that she always gives her dogs a special cuddle in the afternoons but now she has started massaging them and they are all responding. One keeps looking up at her when she has finished as if to say – Don’t stop!”

After a training event : “Excellent session, so glad I finally got to attend, Florence loved it. Will be booking for the Advance workshop … special thanks to Les, great teacher”

And another “Les is amazing – his knowledge, massage techniques and advice have helped my 9 yo giant dog so much in just two sessions with him. Thanks to Les, I now know how to maintain his health and mobility by massaging him at home, he used to be stiff, slow and “solid”, however after meeting Les I now have a happy, much more agile old dog whose moving is so much more effortless compared to how it used to be! I am 100% sure that Les and his advice will make my dogs senior days so much more comfortable. Thank you so much Les and looking forward to seeing you again – my dog moves so beautifully again, gets up from the sofa without any slowness and in general looks so great”

“A great thing to learn for your best friend I cannot recommend Les highly enough and encourage everyone to give this a go.  They’re both so relaxed now they look like fluffy mats on the floor:)”

“By chance we also happened to meet the lovely Les from AchyPaw at the Plumpton College Open Day. Les offers a massage therapy service for dogs in his home in Saltdean. The slightly different aspect here is that Les trains you, the owners, to carry out the massage. Jon and I thought this would supplement the hydro beautifully so we attended a 90 minute session with Shearer during which we learned 8 different massage techniques we could use. (You can attend a second session to learn more and we are aiming to do just that). Les analysed what would work and what my dog was comfortable with and then sent us through a personalised, easy to follow, massage manual with techniques we can employ on our dog. And unlike many good intentions we do it! Either as we sit with him at night or in special sessions. He adores it! He is so relaxed he just falls completely asleep during the process. We are much more aware of his muscles and any tensions and strains – and have to say we also find it very relaxing!”

“Les, thank you for such a fantastic teaching session. We had our first attempt last night. You have given me the confidence boost that I needed in my very amateur dog ownership skills.  You are such a good teacher”.

“Furthering our knowledge and benefitting our dogs is what it is all about. The difference in our dog over the last 4 months is so noticeable – her feel, movement and recovery all affected with positive noticeable impacts.  Today’s activity of warm up, cool down and further techniques has cemented the basic fundamentals and given me yet more substantial tools to benefit my dog’s health and the relationship I have with them. Most noticeably for me is the enjoyable calming effect and bonding on both myself and the dogs I interact with.  The valuable tools to take care of daily the impacts on our canine friends cannot be underestimated from diet, training and interrelationship bonding to recovery from injuries and maintaining a healthy dog.  I cannot thank Les enough for your time and professional approach to Canine Massage.”

“All I can add, Dr Les, is to say a massive thank you for spending the whole morning with us and for making my two dogs feel amazing. I am glad to say that they have been zonked out all afternoon due to your wonderful massage techniques which I hope to continue after the demo and information that you gave me. It really is wonderful to have someone to come and treat your pets in your home rather than a scary surgery who you feel totally as ease with which makes the learning process so much more pleasurable and made the dogs feel totally relaxed. All in all it was a really positive experience for both myself and my dogs and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to all of my friends and my vets etc. Thank you so much”

“It was a pleasure to meet you and I think my dog would agree with that! He really does seem to be so much better in himself due to your Midas touch and I have used your warm up and cool down routines on all of the dogs and I found that my agility dog found it quite relaxing when we were queuing for our turn at our agility show a couple of weeks ago. It was great knowing how to do it correctly, so I really did appreciate all the extra effort you put in providing me with an individual procedure print outs for each of them that I could refer to to remind me.  I know how passionate you are about what you do as you have a special gift”

“Thank you so much for today – when we walked home my dog had a right spring in his step and moved beautifully, can’t wait for his next session, until then I will keep maintaining his muscles and working on the tight back at home :-)”

“Many thanks Les – he’s just been out for his afternoon walk, and I may be imagining it, but he seemed more sprightly than usual! I’ll have a go and see how we get on – he certainly enjoyed it and we’ve had a few nuzzles today, I guess asking for some more massage!”

“Our dog does all my training runs with me and has made a fabulous running buddy, if its a quick 5km pace run or a 7km fast run she is right there the whole way. This week she pulled up limping after jumping off the sofa and then limped the following day so was put on bed rest and massaged on Thursday, back to normal on Friday and was jumping up and down the beach groins some times 5 or 6 times her hight with no visible issues on Saturday. Tonight she will get some more recovery massage to insure no major tensions creep back in but proof that indirect muscular stress can effect us humans and our pooches in the same way. Thanks again to the AchyPaw therapy sessions and practical hands on workshops.

“Many thanks for your massage session today plus the illustrated moves for her. She seems fine today – running off on her walk to places she shouldn’t go to pick up scents!”

“She enjoyed an hour & a half walk today thanks to @achypaw massage. Perfect for older dogs”

“She is always a different dog after her treatments. Today she walked for and hour and a half without limping. Thank you AchyPaw”