How we can help

Therapeutic massage & myotherapy is a safe, hands on manual therapy which aims to improve and benefit the mobility and quality of life of your dog whether you have a Great Dane, Miniature Terrier, senior dog, puppy or canine athlete.

The stretches and exercises we will show you do not require any specialised equipment but can be achieved with things you already have around the house, such as cushions and steps.

In a session, we offer :

  • Guided demonstration of a tailored massage routine you can perform daily on your dog in between treatments
  • Guided demonstration of a tailored exercise routine beneficial for your dog
  • Advice on home adaptations that may help your dog’s mobility
  • Advice on additional complementary therapies that may be beneficial
  • A personalised workbook that includes all the massage routine, exercises and advice

All our treatment plans are individually prepared and tailored to the needs of you and your dog.

“A fabulous day with a fabulous teacher, seeing your own dog settle under your hands with real massage techniques should be experienced by every owner. Can’t recommend Les highly enough”

(AchyPaw Canine Manual Therapy – “Helping you to help your dog”)


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