Auntie Pearl : Sussex Bulldog

Auntie Pearl @ AchyPawMeet Auntie Pearl
8 year old Sussex Bulldog

Presenting condition

    • Drags her rear legs
    • Holds her neck at a stiff angle
    • Lethargic and unhappy

Mobility when first treated

    • Could not move her head without moving her entire body
    • Struggled to rise

Initial therapy

    • Deep tissue massage in her neck to free up the tension
    • Massage along spinal muscles and thighs to ease tightness
    • Education & advice on active exercises to help ease the tension in her neck
    • Left guardian with a daily massage routine

Initial response from guardians
“Pearl is prancing about like a young puppy! Thank you. I can see the results.

Ongoing therapy
Has been treated with maintenance therapy typically every 3 months. Noticeable improvement in her neck and spinal muscles. She can now turn her head without turning her body