Enzo : Labrador

Enzo @ AchyPawMeet Enzo
11 year old Labrador

Presenting condition

  • Osteoarthritis of shoulder joints with associated atrophy of shoulder muscles
  • Metal plate in left rear knee in 2014 after cruciate issue

Medication when first treated

  • NSAIDs
  • Seraquin

Mobility when first treated

  • Slow but no limping
  • Struggles to get up and down

Initial therapy

  • Physical therapy
  • Passive stretches
  • Education & advice on passive stretches to ease his hips and knees
  • Education & advice on active exercises to help stretch his back, neck and legs
  • Left guardians with a daily massage routine
  • Advice for other complementary therapies to add to the mix

Enzo @ AchyPawOngoing therapy

  • Hydrotherapy and laser therapy have been added as a regular treatment
  • Massage monthly
  • Been massaged by his guardian daily plus the active stretches