Fletcher : Red Irish Setter

Fletcher @ AchyPaw

Meet Fletcher
3 year old Red Irish Setter

Presenting condition

  • Discospondylitis

Medication when first treated

    • Antibiotics
    • Gabapentin
    • NSAIDs

Mobility when first treated

    • Slow due to severe muscle wastage after his illness
    • Lethargic
    • Initial therapy
    • Plenty of massage to help reverse the muscle wastage.
    • Education & advice on passive stretches to ease his hips and knees
    • Education & advice on active exercises to help stretch his back, neck and legs
    • Left guardians with a daily massage routine
    • Advice for modifications to assist daily living – e.g. a cushion under the sofa where he spends his day so he has less far to jump and a softer landing. He picked up the idea immediately and used it to get off the sofa before performing a long stretch on the floor

Initial response from guardians

“Fletcher is doing really well thank you, his medication officially finishes next Thursday but he is going to have bloods taken and cultures grown (which will take a further two weeks) to see if the proteins in his blood are back to normal and the infection is gone, he will be prescribed another two weeks of antibiotics before the results and then if they are clear he can hopefully come off of them. He is progressing really well in my opinion”

Ongoing therapy

    • Been massaged by his guardian daily plus the active stretches
Fletcher @ AchyPaw


Feedback from Fletcher a couple of months later

“Good morning and thank you for all your help Uncle Les. I’m fully back on track, this weekend I competed with my Mum in my first ever sled dog competition and we came third overall in our class. I’m feeling on top of the world and Mum still keeps my massage going so I had no problem with recovery from my weekend at all.
I truly believe that without your skills and my amazing Aunty Lisa at Downland vets I wouldn’t be here let alone doing this and I have you two to thank for it.”