Maddie : Labrador/Collie cross

Maddie @ AchyPawMeet Maddie
14 year old Labrador/Collie cross

Presenting condition

  • Stiffness and occasional limping due to arthritis in hips

Mobility when first treated

  • Very tense and slow moving

Initial therapy

  • Gentle massage along her tight spinal and thigh muscles
  • Massage along shoulders and chest which had been over-compensating for her imbalance
  • Energy work over her hips
  • Education & advice on active exercises to help strengthen her thigh muscles

Suggestions for home included :

  • Foam mattresses below their bed when she jumps on and off
  • Foam mattress at the bottom of the stairs which has a bigger step
  • Helping her in and out of the car
  • Steps to improve access in and out of garden
  • Walking a Figure of Eight when out to rebalance her gait

Ongoing therapy

  • Has been treated for 30 minutes every week since October 2015 with maintenance therapy. She now waits at the window each week for my arrival.