Mary : Collie cross

Mary @ AchyPaw

Meet Mary

18 year old Collie cross

Presenting condition

  • Spondylosis leaving her restricted mobility from the rear

Medication when first treated

    • NSAIDs
    • Paracetamol
    • Tramadol
    • Heart tablets
    • Acupuncture 1 x month

Mobility when first treated

    • Struggled to rise
    • Large knotted muscle mass on right side between pelvis and last rib

Initial therapy

    • Gentle massage due to age but deeper over the knotted area
    • Education & advice on passive stretches to ease her hips and knees
    • Education & advice on active exercises to help stretch her back, neck and legs
    • Left guardians with a daily massage routine

Initial response from guardians
“She got up without being helped – first time in a long time”

Ongoing therapy
Her spondylosis progressed in severity leaving her paralysed from the rear legs. But her guardains would help her move with the use of a sling. Was treated with weekly massage and physiotherapy from November 2015 until she passed, peacefully, in March 2017. She enjoyed a good quality of life for that extra 17 months.