Sherlock : Labrador Puppy

Meet Sherlock

18 week old Labrador puppy

Presenting condition

  • Multiple and repeated internal issues including stomach and ear. 
  • ‘Not happy’

Medication when first treated

    • Antibiotics

    Mobility when first treated

    • Fine

    Emotional state when first treated

    • Unhappy

    Initial therapy

    • Education to owner on how to perform a complete massage routine to help him relax giving him time to heal himself internally
    • Education & advice on fun and engaging exercises to help keep him mobile and supple while recuperating from all his illnesses

    Initial response from guardians
    “Les could show me that I do have a happy dog, who is bonded to me and who I can deepen that bond with and help to be as healthy as possible using massage. I’ve learnt how to read his muscles to know where he is tense and where he needs support in his growing and I’ve shown Sherlock that I can help him in this way”  Full review here

Ongoing therapy
“This was an emotional experience for me (yes, I cried) and I’m so glad that we came to learn from Les, we even got a lift afterwards and I have received a personalised guide to all the massage techniques I have learnt – what more could you ask for?”