Smiley Riley : Golden Retriever

Riley @ AchyPawMeet Smiley Riley
5 year old Golden Retriever

Presenting condition
“He screams/yelps/squeals when he awakes (possibly when he lifts his head??)…. on Metacam but each morning when he wakes, he still winces when he moves his head”

Mobility when first treated
Head down roached back, lolloping gait

Initial therapy

  • Plenty of massage and stretching on his neck and back
  • Education & advice on pilates-style active exercises to help stretch his back and neck

Initial response from guardians

“Update Monday. Smiley Riley hasn’t made any whimper this morning so Les Ellam has helped him enormously already. Anybody who ever has a poorly dog with arthritis/mobility issues, or even unexplained pain, please do visit AchyPaw by Les & Massage by Chris. AND he is very reasonable too so don’t be put off, just do it!”
“Update (Tuesday)…Riley didn’t whimper or display any pain this morning when he woke, nor at any other time today. I also took him off Metacam this morning and he still has not shown any discomfort. He seems bouncier but to be fair, it certainly hasn’t been heatwave weather today, lol! This is just two days after we visited Les. Even when massaging his neck, it seems far less tight now. Not that we will be slacking in his exercises or massage! Fantastic results, thank you”

Riley @ AchyPawOngoing therapy
Daily exercises to keep his neck supple, to improve his spinal muscles and to strengthen his core muscles