“I have a very badly put together Newfoundland Poodle cross”.

Meggie’s Mum started her message to me with “I have a very badly put together Newfoundland Poodle cross”.   That’s a way to get my attention for sure!  And even more so when looking up names for that cross – things like Newfipoo or Newdoodle.  I’ve never had one of those before, well put together or otherwise.

Meggie is an Arundawn Rescue (https://www.arundawndogrescue.co.uk/ ), rescued 3 years ago – she is 4 now.  When rescued, Meggie was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia and front legs which are also on the wobble.

But now she is living the life she deserved.  She has a soul…a B-I-G soul.  And she shares that soul by volunteering as a Reading Dog to University and College students as well as visiting care homes as a therapy dog.  She is very happy with 5 or 6 people hugging her and looking into her moon eyes to calm and relax themselves.  Luckily, there is a lot of Meggie to go round.

Watching her walk, it is clear how much she is simply getting on with her limited mobility but she has become unbalanced because of that compensation.  Her rear legs are almost knock kneed while she leans over to the left from the front end.  And all the time she is showing off her magnificent heads and eyes.  She doesn’t care that she is ‘badly put together’, she just has a Meggie Walk.

Her Mum wanted to come and learn how she could help Meggie by massage and exercise targetted at the areas she is over and under using.

Meggie clearly had her favourite bits to work on and preferred to sit facing me – possibly as my face was then within easy reach of her long tongue which gave me plenty of wipes.  But her back and thighs were not so comfy.  We asked Chris to join us to add in some calming Reiki.

As usual, that did the trick.  Meggie settled down allowing me to show her Mum how and why to massage various muscle groups with intention.

Again, as usual, Meggie was zoned out and sleepy by the end of the session. 

The next day her Mum sent me a text and accompanying picture with “You are right about creating a diva! No peace! “ and a week later “It’s a week now since we came to see you and Meggie really loves my attempt at massage! She went swimming yesterday and both the girls said how much looser she seemed in her movements. Must be doing something right ! Thank you very much”

Armed with this knowledge, Meggie’s Mum can now help put Meggie back a little straighter and less badly put together. 

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