One size doesn’t fit all

Every dog we visit is different and unique. And we plan all treatment sessions in the same way. Each is different and tailored to that dog at that time. The plan might be different still on subsequent visits. There is no template, no prescription, no model. We adapt our therapy to match the needs of the dog.

Gentleman Jack was seen by me at the end of last year. At that time, he was an up and down dog – 5 minutes with me, then would walk away, before coming back for another 5 minutes or so. Since then, his Mum has been working hard with him, getting him far more used to touch and physical therapy. But it is still on his terms – as and when. That’s perfectly fine. As and when is better than nothing at all. And Jack is learning to give himself to Mum when he is most in need.

The recent visit was as though a lightbulb had gone off – still the occasional up and down but far more hands-on time especially when he was lying on the sofa. Then he just closed his eyes and snoozed. His therapy session was quite different from the first.

He is 14 in a few days – hopefully with Mum and me helping him, Jack will keep offering me a different treatment plan and stay comfortable and moving for a long while yet.

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