The difference finding a Forever Home makes

10 and a half year old Staffie Bertie, found himself in Arundawn Dog Rescue
a few weeks ago where Elaine put up a video of him walking with a limp. We offered to visit to help him in the kennels, but he was immediately fostered which is where Chris saw him the next day.

At that time, his coat was quite dull and his fur was very tight, He needed a lot of myofascial release.

4 weeks later Chris went round to see how he was progressing. First thing – he is in his forever home. His new Mum and Dad became failed fosterers. They said, “He saw a mat in the middle of the room. He lay on it. He crossed his paws. He gave a look of I’m home now”.

Second thing – his Mum has been keeping up the massage with him from our workbook and said that he can jump up onto the sofa, which they were amazed the first time he did.

Third thing – he has lost weight. He has started to get his Staffie wiggle back. His Mum said they could see a change in his shape, albeit slowly. He is walked twice a day and they are looking at starting hydrotherapy with him.

Fourth thing – there are carpet runners in the hall so no slippy stocky Staffie legs.

All in all, Chris was so pleased with his improvement. His coat is now glossy and loose. He was no longer guarding his body when touched, no reactive looks. Instead his muscles were all moving freely and his gait was balanced with a big grin as he showed off his moves.

And his personality has really come out. He is a real Mummy’s boy and happily throws himself at your feet and smiles.

Bertie has clearly landed on his paws.


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