No reason…just because

Most therapists – canine and human – have a list of conditions on their webpage of issues which they believe would benefit from manual therapy. Classics things you’ll find listed include: slowing down, unsteady gait, limping, difficulty getting up, arthritis etc.

While all these are perfectly valid, what do you do if your dog doesn’t show any of these signs? Will massage therapy still be beneficial? In our opinion, and it’s borne out by a lot of research, yes – most certainly. How many of you have had a massage just to maintain your present condition rather than to ‘fix’ something?

Maintenance, top-ups, prevention, or ‘just because’ are good reasons to schedule a massage session for you or your dog. And please don’t think I’m talking about pampering. We don’t do ‘pampering’. We deliver professional experienced targetted therapy to make your dog feel and move easier.

English Bulldog Ralph is an example of benefiting from regular physical therapy to keep him in the stunning condition he is. We’ve been treating him for 6 years now and he has always been fit – he has muscles on his muscles! And his regular massage helps to keep him that way. At 10 years old, his Mum and I want him to stay healthy, mobile and happy.

After his session, he tends to sleep and snore while I work on his sister, Auntie Pearl. He lies there with a big soppy grin. He does wake up to give me a huge Ralph cuddle when I leave and frequently sits by the front door so I can’t get out.

Do you need a problem or a mobility issue before you think of massage? No. You can come to us….just because. It will benefit your dog anyway.


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